5 Most Basic Tips to Lose Weight

If you are done with all the fad diets and quick but really painful weight loss plans,
its time you change your way of looking at things! Make weight loss process easy
for you just by following these basic tips and you will find yourself finally going
in the right direction very soon. You will see the scale dropping and all your
dress sizes going down. I know that sounds wonderful!

So, let’s start with these basic fun ideas to help you see how weight loss can be
very simple and easy!

Add more, Subtract less

You must be thinking how adding more food to my diet will help me lose weight?
Well, that’s the thing. The idea is to keep you full yet make you eat healthily. Figure
out what kind of healthy food you really love then add it to your daily diet in
greater quantity. Like deep red cherries, juicy grapes and apples. Keep them in
your bag and kitchen counter all the time. Do you like eating pulses? Make a big
bowl of it and have it in lunch. You see if that is keeping you away from having
bread which contains carbs you are still eating fewer calories.

The only thing you need to focus on is that the food items you will have during
the day are less in calories. This way you will be eating more but still taking in less.

Dance Your Fat Off

You find it hard to work out daily? You don’t feel interested in exercising at
different positions while you can’t really remember them exactly well enough?
Don’t worry! You can make a playlist of 10 super hit dance songs which you
absolutely love. Make sure each song is at least 4 minutes long and you dance till
the 10 th song ends. 4 minutes multiplied by 10 is 40 minutes! You will be surprised
to find out that you will be dancing for 40 minutes straight and you won’t even
realize how much time you spent burning some good amount of fat as it will
definitely make you sweat!

Remember it’s not a Race

Don’t stress over losing all the weight fast. You have to remember it’s not a race
and you are doing it for yourself. Set realistic goals and have a cheat day once in a
week. You must know that weekly weight loss of 1-2.5 pounds is ideal.

Have Lemon Water and Green Tea

Before having breakfast, have a glass of lemon water. Make sure the water is a
little warm; it really helps in boosting metabolism and melts down fat in your
body. You must have 3 to 4 cups of green tea daily in order to flush out toxins
from your body and to keep you fresh.
Hope this article will help you to reduce weight.
Always smile and be the best version of yourself. Good luck!

Author Bio:

This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical
professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at HealthyRecharge.com

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