Fabulous Hairstyles Within 5 minutes !!

In this hush rush of the world, we women do not have time to look after ourselves, we always use to tie up our hair and just a slight makeup, and we are ready to face the world. This boring look has made you look so dull and fatal in front of your family and friends, but it’s the time to change yourself, we bring you the best of the ten tutorials which will help you in the fabulous hairstyles which won’t take your much time.

Make two parts of your hair with the help of tail comb, braid one section of your hair with the support of a ribbon and the other end of the ribbon is also braided up with hair , tie up both the braided part on the top of the head and thus your excellent 5 minute hairstyle is ready.

Brush up one part of your hair with the help of tail comb and tie up all the hairs making up a long ponytail, taking the end of your ponytail pass it through the section of your hair to make a perfect and fluffy bun, tie it up with the help of baby pins.

Make a high ponytail, then Separate your hair into two parts, roll both the parts of the hair till the end separately and then roll them together till the end is not reached, tie up the end with a rubber band.



spray some hairspray on your hairs, taking some section from the both the crown side and braid it, brush up the rest of the hairs and braid them till the end, collect the crown sided braids together with the large braid and roll it up together to make a perfect bun.

Spray some hairspray on your hairs, roll up the two sections of your hair, tie them up to make a lock till the end, roll it to the other end on the top of the head. Hence your fabulous hairstyle is ready.


Taking some section from your high pony,  French braid it with the rest of the hairs of the pony to make a locking effect, tie up all your hairs to the top to create a fluffy bun with a braid around the corners.

Make up high ponytail, brush it well from out to in, to create a cold look, separate your ponytail into three parts with the help of rubber band.


Separate some section of your hair and spray some hairspray on it to make it stay the same .roll that part to the center of the head and pin-up that part with the help of baby pins, your side bun is ready to show its glamor.



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