Lose your weight with this 12 tricks within a week

Let’s face it — more often than not, we eat not on the grounds that we’re eager. Instead, we turn to food in order to increase our of comfort. Stress, environment, the season of day — the larger part of this influences the amount we have. Today we present some invaluable tips from the book of the Brian Wansink — a psychologist, marketer, & food cravings researcher.

1. Be calm and consistent
2. Eat your food in portions
3. Don’t save calories in the morning

If we believe in the statistics of Wansink breakfast habits amount to 96% of the art of preserving a good figure. In an interview, he said 4 out of the 100 slim women don’t touch food in the mornings. On the other hand, people who had excess weight admitted skipping the first meal of the day because they think that they could be slim.

4. Chew everything thoroughly
5. Say no to yummies
6. Keep to the shopping list
7. Company
8. The
9. Leave evidence of your
10. Getting a second helping
11. Observe the rule of two
12. Don’t be afraid of relapses

This situation seems to be familiar: you’re one week into your cabbage-&-water diet, & it looks like the hardest part is already after you.But something comes over you by one night, & you go to your fridge, chewing on a chicken drumstick & reaching for a chocolate bar. Stop yourself & keep calm at times like this, Just let go of that drumstick, pick up a cabbage leaf, & take a fresh bite!

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