The way you hug your partner speaks tons about your relationship with them!

To be in a relationship is the most beautiful thing. You may share an unconditional love with your partner but there ought to be some problems which you never gave a thought to. Neglecting these issues can prove to be detrimental in the long run.

There are a few signs which indicate something about your relationship. If you notice them carefully, you can find out where your relationship is headed to.

And to your surprise, one of those signs is in the way you hug your partner. Different kinds of hugs suggest various traits of a relationship. It shows how close your bond is. Read on to find out what type of relationship you share with your partner!


1. The deadlock hug.

These types of hugs are the never letting go types. It is a tight hug which is also called deadlock. It indicates a serious relationship and that you don’t want to make the go. This squeeze is justified when you meet your partner after very long time. But if your partner hugs you in this way always, you should talk to them about it. They’re either scared of losing you if you’re not giving the amount of security that your partner seeks!


2. Hugging without much contact.

If your partner hugs you this way without much contact especially with the lower body apart, it’s a matter of worry. It implies that your partner is not comfortable with you. So, you should talk it out with them!


3. Hugging with her legs wrapped around your waist

This type of hug implies that both of you are incredibly attracted towards each other and are passionate about each other. If you hug like this often, it’s a positive sign for your relationship.


4. Only one partner hugs and the other stands still.

This is described as a one-way hug. If your partner doesn’t hug you back, beware. They might not love you as much as you like them. It is a negative sign because no matter how hard you try, a single wheel cannot pull the cart.


5. Hugging while maintaining eye contact!

This is the most loveable way of hugging. That shows your connection and bond with your partner. “Eyes are the windows to the soul.”So, you’re connected by a soul.


6. The side hug.

This is also called the buddy hug. It implies that you and your partner are best of friends! It shows that you’re not romantically involved with your partner. Instead, you have a friendly relationship.


7. The back hug.

This type of hug ensures security and trust in the relationship. The one in the front shows confidence in the partner by turning back to him. On the other hand, the one in the back shows the protective quality. It shows that they’ll always have your back!


8. The pampered hug!

In this type of hug, one person is more caring towards the other and taps their back while hugging. This is a gesture of true love. It shows that the other person is concerned about you.


9. The pervert hug!

If you hug your partner this way, you’ll embrace your girl in public by grabbing her ass in front of all to make it a public display. If this is the case, you need to change as it is reflecting your intentions immodestly.


10. Hugging in your world.

If you hug your partner keeping only them in your mind, and forgetting about the world, then congratulations! You’re honestly, madly, deeply in love’. It shows that you’re not bothered about what people think about you, and you’re only concerned about your partner.

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